The Bombardment is a sensational, romantic and thrilling drama in the vein of TITANIC about the vibrant love between Eva, a young German architect and Vincent, a young boxer from Rotterdam. They meet one day before World War II starts in Holland, and soon everything is against them: the war, different social classes, and her promise to marry a widower to save her family. Impossible love. Their extraordinary adventure –seen from her German side and his Dutch side- climaxes in the 15 minute bombing of the centre of Rotterdam on May 14th, 1940. Will their lives and love survive?

“All’s fair in love and war”. But is all still fair when an intense, vibrant love erupts at the start of World War II, and climaxes in the Bombardment?

Eva is a young German architect, who has travelled to Rotterdam to marry a middle aged widower, thereby keeping her family out of the hands of the Nazi’s. Just days before the marriage Eva meets Vincent.

Vincent is a young, successful boxer from Rotterdam, who just won free tickets to New York, where his sick brother can receive his desperately needed operation. Just days before Vincent is about to board he meets Eva.

In spite of their huge social difference, their attraction is mutual and magnetic. However fate intervenes: The German army invades Holland and hundreds of paratroopers occupy parts of Rotterdam. But Holland stubbornly refuses to surrender.

Eva and Vincent now have to try to pick up Eva’s family behind enemy lines to save them and bring them to Rotterdam. A very dangerous and risky operation, which bonds the two new lovers in a very romantic way.

Finally they save Eva’s family and get back in Rotterdam, not knowing the bombardement of the city centre is about to happen.

Perhaps all is fair in love and war, but not all is possible. Eva ultimately decides to sacrifice her own happiness for her family, and –heartbroken- gives her ‘I do’ on May 14th. Heartbroken too, Vincent decides to board his ship for America.

Then the enormous bombing of Rotterdam starts, just minutes after Eva has given her vows. With everybody else trying to escape from the city centre, Vincent doesn’t hesitate and rushes back trying to rescue Eva.

Will Vincent and Eva succeed in rescueing each other and their families from the bombing, which lasts for an eternal 15 minutes? Will their love be stronger than this destructive war and this enormous bombardment?

Ate de Jong 

Rene Huybrechtse
Paul Ruven
San Fu Maltha

In-Soo Radstake

Ate de Jong
Paul Ruven

Speelfilm (’90)