Documentary (’52 / ’90)

DUTCH NEW HERRING is the story about the last real herringfishers of Holland. For over thousand years the ‘Hollandse Nieuwe’ (Dutch New Herring) is a phenomenon which has become a real national cultural icon.
Every year millions of Dutch people in Holland and abroad are looking forward to the arrival of the first barrel of fish. In the Middle Ages the trade in herring meant up to one-third of the Gross National Product of The Netherlands, but nowadays the Dutch herringfleet isn’t of that great importance anymore.
Only two vessels – Wiron 5 and Wiron 6 – of shipping company Jaczon from Scheveningen are fishing for herring under Dutch flag. All other ships of Dutch shipping companies fish under foreign flag for herring. This is the reason for the Queen of The Netherlands not to accept the Queensherring anymore since 2003, as she doesn’t consider it ‘Dutch’ anymore. Teledoc is a collaboration between the Dutch Public Broadcasters, CoBO-Fund and the Dutch Film Fund. A Teledoc is a feature-length non-fiction film with a contemporary Dutch subject meant for a wide tv-audience, programmed on prime time on Dutch television.
Leonard Retel Helmrich

Hetty Naaijkens – Retel Helmrich

In-Soo Radstake
Esther van Messel

Documentaire (’90)


Commissioning Editor
Floor Koomen