MADE IN KOREA – Een enkeltje Seoul-Amsterdam?

MADE IN KOREA – Een enkeltje Seoul-Amsterdam?

Documentary (’75)

Documentary filmmaker In-Soo Radstake is just like any average Dutchman. He feels close to his parents, likes meat and potatoes and cheers on his favorite sports team. A Korean adoptee, he doesn’t feel conflicted about his identity or have any deep stirrings to find his Korean roots. But when he embarks on an innocent journey to find the eight other Korean adoptees who flew on the same plane as him from Korea to Holland over twenty years ago, a domino effect of events will alter his life. He first meets Ungila, and is taken by her knowledge of Korean culture and her personal story of being reunited with her birthmother. She quickly becomes In-Soo’s girlfriend, and is instrumental in opening up a world of wounded, pent-up emotions. With her love and support, In-Soo travels back to Korea for the first time and visits his old orphanage. Soon a long-repressed need to find his birthmother bubbles to the surface, and In-Soo is on a desperate quest to reconcile a part of himself that he didn’t even know existed. MADE IN KOREA had its world premiere at the prestigious Pusan International Film Festival and received Honorable Mention By The Jury (headed by Sundance topper Geoffrey Gilmore) at EBS International Documentary Festival in Seoul. 
At the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2007 the film ended top #6 in the Audience Award, becoming the Best Rewarded Dutch Film of the festival.
Director In-Soo Radstake was nominated for the ‘Emering Director Award’ at the Asian American International Film Festival and Made in Korea was shown at several international filmfestivals in the USA, China, Europe and South America
In-Soo Radstake 

San Fu Maltha

Associate Producers
NeON Film & TV
KBS Korea

Documentary (’75)

Pusan International Film Festival
Minneapolis/St. Paul Int. Film Festival 2007
Barcelona Asian Film Festival
Mosaiques Film Festival
Asiascope Film Festival
Asian American Int. Film Festival NYC
EBS Int. Documentary Festival
Dutch Film Festival
Ghuangzhou Int. Festival
Hawaii Film Festival
Korean Asian Film Festival New York

Awards en Nominaties
Honorable Mention – EBS Int. Documentary Festival 2007
Honorable Mention – Hawaii Film Festival 2007
Emerging Director Award – Asian American Int. Film Festival 2007
Top #6 Publieksprijs IFFR 2007


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