The workshops is a filmmaking project for 400 youngsters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
For eight weeks they followed weekly workshops on making film, during courses in directing, camera, light, sound, editing, music, art-direction, costume design, production and acting.
All workshops were hosted by acclaimed film professionals, like San Fu Maltha, Marc van der Bijl, Niko Post, Menno Boerema, Herman P. Koerts and casting agency Kemna Casting.
Goal is to provide motivated youngsters an education, a professional network and a relevant track record. The greatest talents got selected for working in assisting positions on the film CARMEN VAN HET NOORDEN, which will be theatrically released in The Netherlands at the end of 2009. 
Seventeen of them were selected to work in the crew, eight were selected as an actor or actrice to shine on the white screen.
The project was supported by Your World (Rotterdam European Youth Capital 2009), Rotterdam Film Fund and Pact op Zuid (City of Rotterdam).
There were also partnerships with University of InHolland, Albeda College, SAE Institute, The Back Lot, Theater Zuidplein, Pathé, Roots & Routes, Kemna Casting, Huis van Rotterdam, Woonstad Rotterdam, FunX, RTV Rijnmond, Benelux Film Distribution and Metro.

The Workshops were held from Oct. 27, 2008 until Dec. 18, 2008
In-Soo Radstake
San Fu Maltha 

Rotterdam Film Fonds
Pact op Zuid

Hogeschool InHolland
Albeda College
SAE Instituut
Stichting The Back Lot Suriname
Theater Zuidplein
Roots & Routes
Kemna Casting
Huis van Rotterdam
Woonstad Rotterdam
RTV Rijnmond
Benelux Film Distribution
Dagblad Metro.